In The Cutz Barber Shop

Have you ever had your hair start acting in a strange way a week or so after a hair cut? Some past barbers had me looking good for a few days but then the weirdness begins… a patch of hair refuses to lay down even after multiple swipes with the brush. Then a different hunk of hair wants to lay down in a direction different from what it did for the prior four months since the last hair cut. The result is my hair looks weird. When I look weird I feel weird. Who wants that?

That weird hair stuff has been common for most of my past hair cut ventures. However, once in awhile… not often… I find a barber that cuts my hair in a different way. My newest barber, who I visited for the first time a couple weeks ago, cut my hair in a way that there has not been any stray hairs laying down in an unwanted direction nor any clumping or the other  odd things my hair tends to do.

Mr. Gary Walker is the owner of In The Cutz took a little longer performing his task than the average barber. Mr. Walker was engaged in his task and obviously paying attention and making an effort to meet his personal high standards in giving the customer the best hair cut possible. He is obviously a professional devoted to ensuring customer satisfaction. With me, he succeeded in giving me the best hair cut in many years. I am lucky to have found him and his shop and Mr. walker has definitely earned a place in this blog.

Now it is your turn to visit a real barber shop with a professional within who will do you right.


In The Cutz Barbershop

918 West Commercial Street
Springfield, MO  65803


Hours: 9am to 7 pm  Monday through Saturday


InTheCutzBarberOn the south side of Commercial Street just west of Missouri Avenue. Look for the colorful sign in front.
The marker above points to the shop.


IMG_2131The shop is attractive and has a special charm that is a mixture of traditional barber shops with a fun mixture of modern colors. The seats inside for waiting customers are comfortable. You can also sit outside and watch the world pass by if you don’t feel like shooting the breeze with others inside. There is a TV to watch but during my visit the other customers were enjoying the chatting and ignored the TV. I think that is a good thing.


IMG_2127There it is in all its glory!!!  YAY!!! Pride of ownership is obvious by cleanliness of the facility.  The traditional round red/white/blue barber pole is also a nice touch.


Let’s look at both sides of Mr. Walker’s business card:


img153img154Interesting… “Mobile Barbers.” That is really handy for an elderly person who has trouble with mobility or a person without a car. Call for details.

Mr. Walker will make you feel welcome. With his ability to give a hair cut in the manner I deem to be  superior I heartily endorse In The Cutz to all who read this blog entry. Hope to see your there!!!

A Proud Day

Henceforth the Old Coot Endorsed Local Firms blog is an extremely proud member of the “Manly Blogger Guy Award.”

I am exceedingly proud. So much so that I nearly wet myself. I am giddy with glee.

The awarding site is:


Lugubrious Drollery



From the blog page where the award is brought to life we read:


The conditions of the award are as follows:

1. The blog receiving the award must demonstrate masculine qualities such as sloth, boorishness, urinary hesitancy, or flatulence. In the interest of equal opportunity, these criteria do not entirely exclude female nominees.

2. No blog which plays background music such as “Somewhere My Love” or “My Heart Will Go On” is eligible.

3. The award should be passed on to as many other blogs as possible, but watching televised sports or taking a nap should take precedence over passing out awards.

For the award logo, I have selected a classic symbol of male self-delusion. Back in the 60s and 70s, Hai Karate aftershave commercials used dialogue like:

GUY: Hey how about a movie tonight?

GIRL: Wow, what’s that aftershave?!

ANNOUNCER: New Hai Karate aftershave is so powerful, it drives women right out of their minds. That’s why we have to put instructions on self-defense in every package. Hai Karate, the brisk splash-on aftershave that smooths, and soothes, and cools. Hai Karate–aftershave, cologne, and gift sets. Hai Karate–be careful how you use it.

They really did include self-defense instructions with these cheap toiletries. BTW, I bought the product, but never had the opportunity to fight off crowds of amorous girls–or even one for that matter–while wearing Hai Karate.



And here is the award’s visual representation:



hai karate1.



All I need to do now is affix the pic to the main page side-bar and I shall boldly stride into a bright effervescent future proudly bearing the Manly Blogger Guy Award.





Shear Serenity cuts my hair



Hello, welcome to the blog where I share with everybody wandering by the firms, people, organizations, etc. that rate my exquisite hard-to-obtain much-admired Disgruntled Old Coot Seal of Approval.



Since wandering into this area six years ago I have visited many different barber shops to lop off those stringy things erupting from my head.

As a self-proclaimed Disgruntled Old Coot I apparently live up to my self-given label by possessing a personality that tends to grate upon others, causing annoyance at the least and, quite frequently, outright hostility.

Here is a tip for you folks… one subtle clue that a barber does not like you is when during the hair cutting act you frequently experience pain.

Jamming the clipper against the top of your ear. When using a comb as part of the hair cutting procedure the prongs of the comb are shoved into your skin and scraped across your flesh. Even to the point that if the barber hates you enough when they use scissors the sharp pointy ends penetrate your flesh and blood is drawn!!!

Eeeeek!!!!!  Luckily, the most extreme instances of a barber signaling disapproval of your presence are rare.

With my sheer presence offensive to so many other folks it can be difficult finding service providers. When I find a good one I place them in this blog.

If the folks posted in this blog can put up with the Disgruntled One it is assured they will put up with you!!!

Of course, along with tolerating me the firms I mention must also provide worthwhile service or whatever they are in business of providing.

The latest entrant to the effervescent admired-by-all Old Coot Hall of Fame is……..



Shear Serenity pamphlet (2).

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Tubby’s Diner Springfield Missouri

Tubbys Diner

Okay, the cartoon above exaggerates the portion size a little bit but the breakfast I ate there a few days ago actually filled the near-bottomless pit that is my tummy.

Yes… Tubby’s filled my tummy.  That is quite an achievement!!!

Here is the breakfast menu:



Tubby's Menu.


I ordered the Tubby’s BIG Lumberjack Breakfast.  I love bacon… YAY BACON!!! But as for slabs of ham… that’s okay but I like biscuits and gravy better and my lovely waitress said that substituting biscuits and gravy was fine.

I ordered the eggs over medium to ensure the whites were cooked and asked that the yolk remain mobile so I could sop it up with the toast and the hash browns.

Several types of bread to convert to toast are available.  I chose the sourdough… yummy!!

The meal was prepared quickly and three plates full of food were placed in front of me.  The bacon was the thick, meaty type I prefer over the super-thin barely-there bacon so many other places toss at you.

The sausage was an irregular-shaped patty suggesting that non-frozen formed-on-the-spot ground pork was used.  Most places use that factory-formed frozen stuff that reveals its origin by its perfect round shape and flatness on both sides.  The taste of my sausage at Tubby’s was a bit spicier than the frozen stuff thus, in my opinion, more flavorful along with being fresher.

Hooray for proper egg cooking!!!  My three fried eggs were perfect!!!  The yolk swam across the plate to caress the toast chunks and embraced the hash browns.  And none of that hard stuff that often appears at the edge of the eggs.

Two big pancakes had their own plate and they almost covered the plate.  Crisp on the outside yet soft inside.  I wish I could cook pancakes and eggs like Tubby’s chef can cook.  Maybe it requires a restaurant-type grille to cook a superior breakfast.


Hey!!!!!!!!!!  That was a great breakfast and the folks working there are super friendly and that is why I included them on this blog.  I should tell you where to find Tubbys!!!!


On historic Route 66 in the western half of Springfield, Missouri…  2204 West College Street  (417) 501-9633

Open 7 days a week… that is every day!!!  From 7 am to 8 pm.


Tubby’s Diner has a Face Book page showing pictures of the place, their menu and some of the folks who eat there. Even Santa Claus dropped in!!!


Tubby’s Diner Face Book


Look what I just found on their Face Book page:


Springfield MO area peeps… please remember & help spread the word that we are serving a FREE Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow at Tubby’s Diner, 11am – 5pm… or until we run out of the 22 turkeys they cooked today Suggested donation of $2.99, but no one “has to” pay. Please share this especially with people you know who may be elderly, single parents, struggling financially, don’t have family, etc. All staff will be volunteering their time to serve our customers, and we wish everyone a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! Tubby’s is located at 2204 W College ~ 1/2 mi west of Kansas Expressway, on the south side of the road.


I added the bold to their message above.  Dagnabbit!!!! I ate at home, alone, eating my lousy cooking when I could have had real food and good company.  If I had known about that Thanksgiving affair I would have been there.  I am not broke yet… though the future is uncertain for us old unemployed folks who are falling apart physically… but I would have gladly paid for myself and another person there just for well-cooked vittles and good company.

Tubby’s is not a corporate-owned chain restaurant.  It is owned and operated by real people!!!  Regular folks like you and I and the vast majority of folks around these parts!!!

Tubby’s has a lot of room inside so if you have a church group that gets together for an after-church meal consider visiting Tubbys.  The back room holds 40 people and the front dining area holds 30… hmmmmm… by golly, that means 70 folks could gather for a darn good meal.

Of course, if other folks are already present and eating there may not be a place for some of you to sit!!!

So… I am just guessing but I bet 40 folks could pile in and start enjoying themselves with no worries about having a seat.

Next time I eat at Tubby’s Diner I will order a different item and will add it to this blog.  Maybe on this page or maybe a separate page just for that new review.  Until then… give Tubby’s a try and enjoy the food and the nice folks working there!!!


HEY!!!!!!!!!!!  I almost forgot to mention… Tubby’s has free Wi-Fi so you can go on the Web, do the e-mail thing and those other things you folks can do with those nifty portable electronic brain computer things!!!

That’s mighty handy for folks who want to eat a meal and still be able to get work stuff done.


Tubby’s has been appearing on local TV with some nifty ads. A local firm using a local TV station and a local advertising agency… that’s local!!! And, that is wealth spent INSIDE the USA that is not sent to foreign firms. Eating at Tubby’s could be considered a patriotic act!!! YAY for Tubby’s!!!

Tubby’s now has a Web site to accompany their FaceBook page.

There it is ———>   TUBBY’S

Their menus are present and easy to read. I will try to duplicate one here.  That didn’t work. I will try a different way to get the breakfast menu here.


Tubbys1.20_0.00_jpg_srzThat worked. There’s the Tubby’s BIG Lumberjack Breakfast that led to the creation of this entry. The eggs were perfectly cooked and the biscuits and gravy (substituted for the ham) were super yummy and the tasty pancakes covered the large plate (no teeny tiny 4-bite mini-pancakes too many places toss at you) and the sausage was perfect and the bacon is the real stuff, the thick bacon, not that cheap stuff so common nowadays that had to be sliced using the thinest slicer setting possible. That too-typical super-thin bacon that light shines through!!! None of THAT cheap junk at Tubby’s!!! If you want a real meal Tubby’s is the place to go!!!

Here is more of the menu:

Tubbys75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzIf supper is what you want Tubby’s is ready for you:

Tubbys dinner0_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzThere’s a kid’s menu, also:


Slide 1And then there’s the appetizers and deserts:


Tubbys appetizers.20_0.00_jpg_srzTubby’s is ready for you. To be ready for Tubby’s ensure you are hungry and want a meal served in a way that was typical in the good old days but has, sadly, become far too rare with the many corporate-owned chains that care only about the profit with little to no concern about treating its customers as valued guests and with food the priority.

I also happen to enjoy supporting local forms owned by people… not some corporation located in a huge building far away, maybe located in another country!!!

Live a part of history. Tubby’s Diner is on historic Route 66 with easy access to Interstate 44 and local attractions.

I hope to see you there.





Dan Waisner State Farm Insurance Agent Springfield, Missouri


717 W Battlefield Street    Springfield, MO 65807      (417) 887-6990

(the sloping entrance ramp starts on the right behind the stone wall)

Office Hours:  

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm   Tuesday 8:00am to 7:00pm

Waisner map

The Waisner Agency is on the north side of Battlefield Road,  a short ways west of Campbell Avenue and a few blocks east of Kansas Expressway.

A center turn lane on Battlefield Street eases the entering or departing from the office.

A handy ramp leading to the front door allows you to bypass the steps if you are in a wheelchair or akin to me… legs and feet that do not function as well as in my youth when I was an Adonis-like figure, profoundly handsome and a delight for the lasses of the land.

Nowadays I function much better as a door stop but the folks at Waisner Agency treat this Old Coot well.

And the coffee is good and they have a handy cup to use and it’s… FREE!!!!



There’s one of those fancy store-bought signs out by the street to assist you in finding the office.

Hey!!!  I can make a clickable link to the Web site listed on the sign. That is just so nifty!!!  It’s the bee’s knees!!!

Dan Waisner Insurance Agency

I took most of the pictures on this blog entry using the wondrous digital camera thing.

Even a klutz such as I can take a decent picture then use free software found on the Web to improve the picture, if needed.

Cropping and brightening and a bunch of other things that can be done.

Using the built-in flash I even took some decent pics inside the office.

An Old Coot such as I delights in comfortable seating and inside the Jim Unit’s office we can see two padded comfortable chairs calling out for you to sit upon:

Jim office empty chairs

Oh… the “Jim Unit.”  That’s one of my terms used for younger folks who have earned my respect. The Jim Unit is Mr. Jim Curl who is the insurance professional I most often interact with at this agency.

We first conducted business in 2008 when I emigrated from Nebraska and, by default, immigrated to Missouri.  I interacted with a few of the local State Farm agencies looking for the ONE to become involved with and selected the one Mr. Curl was working at.

He excelled in customer interaction and service/product knowledge areas. The other agents in the Waisner agency are also very nice and pleasant to interact with so I have enjoyed doing business with the Jim Unit along with a minor amount of good-natured harassment this Old Coot tosses at others…but saved for when there was a lull in the office action.

Mr. Curl is all-business and will not make a customer wait because some long-winded Old Coot such as I is having his fun. I gotta’ respect the young feller’ for that!!!

So, you may be wondering who the Jim “Unit” Curl entity is. If you have young children present you may want to cover their eyes because……


Jim solo front office



Yes. That is the fellow.  The Jim Unit.  However, he is a rather husky fellow reminiscent of a football lineman so I am always well-behaved!!!

Not that Mr. Curl is malevolent. Nope.  I would want him on my side if any BIG guys picked on my aged, withered body.

The boss is in the other room.  As is typical he named the State Farm Agency he owns and operates using his own name.

That makes sense to me.

Hey, look!!!!  It’s the boss!!!!


Boss solo


There he is… Mr. Dan Waisner.  He is a great guy to talk with, also.  He, too, looks akin to a front line football player.  At least you can feel safe here with all these BIG husky guys to keep the peace!!!!

Of course… I have never heard of a non-peaceful insurance office but I AM trying to make this blog entry interesting!!

Here is the newest addition to the Dan Waisner team… a fellow I call Tyler Wilson and I refer to the fellow as that because it is his name!!!






There’s the boss on the left, the awesome Dan Waisner.  Tyler is on the right and to the left, out of view,  in his office,  is the Jim Unit assisting one of the firm’s loyal customers.


The two pictures above were taken at the end of September 2013.  Halloween is a month and a few days away and my mind reflects upon the Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow fame.

None of that around here but I did find a body-less head that belongs to the Dan Waisner fellow!!!




There it is!!!!!  I told you I found a head without a body but there isn’t a horse anywhere around so we should all be safe!!

Tyler is at the front desk closest to the door.  He is the newest addition to the team… making three BIG guys present to ensure that if challenged by another insurance agency to a rugby or football game they will likely walk away the winner!!!

But, when it comes to handling insurance and dealing with customers… they are gentle giants!!!


Poking around the office I found a surprise out back…



garden 1


garden 5


garden zuchini

Tomatoes and zucchini. healthy tasty vittles ’round these here parts, y’all.

And inside I saw some more vittles. Not as healthy but still yummy!!!


Look  cookies

No wonder the crew was smiling in their picture… they had yummy stuff waiting for them in the break room!!!

Headed back to Jim Curl’s office and found the lad busy perusing papers:


Jim office shuffle paperwork


Jim telephone

Here he is doing one of those “multi-tasking” things these younguns’ today are so good at.


Well, it’s time to go. I hope you enjoyed this visit to the Waisner State Farm Agency.

I heartily recommend these folks based upon my years of personal experience.

I did not know any of these folks until I wandered in the door awhile back and liked what I saw and experienced so transferred my State Farm account here after the last move I made.

There were other agencies a little closer to my shanty but the couple of minutes of extra driving is a small price to pay for the outstanding service I have received at the Dan Waisner Agency.

If you drop in tell ’em the Disgruntled Old Coot sent you!!!!




USA Buffet Springfield Missouri

USA Buffet


300 East Battlefield Springfield, MO 65807



South side of Battlefield Road across from the Big Lots!, Food-4-Less, and CiCi Pizza stores.


Taking over the location one occupied by the Foo Kee Chinese buffet American Buffet is a marvelous addition to Springfield dining.


The two serving tables offer a multitude of choices.


Standard American fare such as mashed potatoes, fried chicken, salisbury steak and many more choices.


Then there is the small USA-style “Mexican” food offerings that allow you to create your own dishes of that food style; tacos, taco salads, etc. The burritos looked really yummy but with so many choices I will have to wait for the next visit to try the Mexican food.


Making this buffet unique is that along with American and Mexican-type foods there is also a bounty of Chinese food offerings!!!


Every item from the Chinese section tasted delicious to me. Yummy!!!!


All the standard Chinese offerings are present. I especially enjoyed the crab Rangoon that used minimal fried dough surrounding the creamy. tasty center. No BIG “wings” spreading out from the gooey center with these yummy fellows!!! A fine way to obtain maximum taste while reducing calorie content.


There is also a sushi section and a Mongolian barbeque area that appear to be typical in their offerings but I was so busy eating the delicious offerings at the main buffet I did not try those offerings.


While eating all the ingredients were tasty and appear to be of high quality.


No gristle in the chicken nor hard bits of bone in the salisbury steak and the fried chicken was large and meaty and fried excellently. The thin breading had just the right amount of “crunch” for me and seasoned well… enough to taste but not overpower the meat.


The fish was lightly breaded and tasted good. My memory is far from perfect but I believe there was also non-breaded fish offered; my favored way since the calories from breading are avoided. I always look at the fish offerings since cheaply-bought fish usually shows that it is the “cheap stuff” by the off-colors upon it. If I had seen that at American Buffet I would have remembered that!!!


There are several vegetable and soup offerings along with a small desert area I did not sample. I was too full from the yummy meats, mashed potatoes, Chinese goodies and other plate-filling gustatory delights.


I will make another trip and try to get some pictures and comment about other aspects of this new-to-Springfield non-chain, locally owned purveyor of good things to eat!!!